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Food Is A Family Tradition

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"Simply love it!"

Tatjana G.


Every day can be a Greek Vacation

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Tonight, Lets Make it a Greek Night


Everyone loves Greek food. Yet most families only enjoy these rustic flavors at their local Greek taverna. It doesn't have to be this way. Simply Greek allows you to bring home everything you love about Greece and its cuisine.  

So long Pizza Night!  Goodbye Taco Bar...tonight, lets make it a Greek Night!  


The Spicy Greeks

Paula and Stavros grew up the traditional big fat Greek way. Food was the center of their worlds. No gathering of family and friends was complete without lamb, feta, and spanakopita. It's not a surprise that food became their passion.  It was this passion that launched their dream for Greek cuisine to meet mainstream America. Where Greek food would be easily accessible in any supermarket, like Italian and Mexican cuisines. Simply Greek was their destiny. They hope that this line of Simply Greek spices and seasonings will spark a food revolution inspiring everyday cooks to add a Greek Night to every household's weekly meal plan. What are you waiting for...join us and let's make Tonight a Greek Night! Opa!